A development is usually contained in a project. In uCANca the project is used to contain systems and have a team.

You can visit the Electric Car project clicking on it in the project list web page:

Here you can see some sections:

  • Left column:
    • Project details (logo, public or not).
    • Flows list.
    • Automatic generators.
  • Right column:
    • Project team.
    • SubSystems list.
    • Function list.

Now some definitions:

  • The flows represent all the magnitudes (data, physical efforts, electricity...) of the project. This includes from the effort of braking cables to information present in the CAN bus.
  • SubSystems (or Systems): The systems are used to collaborate to solve the demanded functionality. The functionality is (mainly) the list of functions. Normally the target of the project is to develop a single system (sometimes two or more). The rest of the systems presents here are subsystems of this, or modelisations of other systems present in the environment, which have to interact with the system under development.
  • Functions: The expected behaviour of the system is (mainly again) expressed as a list of functions.

We can build in our mind the simple idea that our task is to make a system that will manipulate flows and interact with its environment to satisfy given the list of functions. This is our targe.

Let’s visit a flow in the next chapter.