Automatic generation

We have seen that uCANca allows us to specify a system and model its design. But this can be seen as “uCANca let’s you feed it”. Okay but... what will uCANca do for me?

uCANca project has a roadmap to know which things will be able to do for you in the future but, having this future in the scope... what can uCANca give me NOW?

  • Automatic source code (based on flow types)generation of:
    • DRE pool.
    • function calls to acquire/synthesize magnitudes.
  • Automatic FSM generation through CodeDesigner RAD project files.
  • Automatic Scilab/XCos project skeletons including subsystem tree and input/output flows of every subsystem.
  • Automatic LabView VI project skeletons including input acquisition and output acquisition based on VI control patterns for flow type and direction.

We will cover these topics on next chapters. All these code generators can be found at the “Automatic code generators” section of the project details page: