Thanks to


  • Fides Electronics, for allowing the initial development of uCANca main module.
  • Ficosa International / Idneo, for the technical background on automotive, systems engineering, embedded software, ECU calibration and On Board Diagnostics.
  • IAC for technical background on DSL.
  • GTC for allowing me to work in a flexible way, this also made uCANca possible to be published and documented.


  • EPB Team at Ficosa.
  • SCR Team at Idneo.
  • Electric Car Team at Fides.
  • Osiris Team at IAC.
  • MOS-Osiris Team at GTC.
  • gatATAC team.
  • The people who develops open-source brilliant tools and supports you in everything you need:
    • Hobo framework.
    • CodeDesigner RAD.
    • Scilab/XCos.
    • Redmine.
    • Ruby and Rails.


  • Kike, Alberto, Pako for gatATAC dreams.
  • Jose Carlos for his DSL conversations and testing the uCANca first releases.
  • Isaac for his enthusiasm and sharing his experiences with racing cars.
  • ... I am thinking I am thinking (this text is still a draft!!).

Friends, families, places, things, pets...

At this moment there is no other people than me spending a lot of time on it, so here is my list:
  • My family: mother, father, brothers...
  • My wife and my little son.
  • That friend that don’t understand what I am telling about systems and flows, or whatever, but that kindly let’s me speak to him during hours (this is applicable also to you, if you ever met me).
  • Os Pulpinyos.
  • The family of my wife, for welcome me in Tenerife.
  • Ucanca, a little but terrific cat in Abrera.
  • El llano de Ucanca ¿uCANca plain?, junto al Teide.