Tool to create a collection of sprites for TMS9918 and V9938 video processors (MSX, colecovision, SG1000, etc...). Provides the source code for Assembler, C or Basic.

Author: mvac7
Version: 0.9.4b
Architecture: Microsoft .NET
WEB: http://sites.google.com/site/multivac7/home/spritesx


  • Assistant to initialize a new project.
  • Projects with different types of sprites: 8x8, 16x16, mono and multicolor (V9938).
  • Load, Merge and Save projects, including the color palette.
  • New project format with back compatibility.
  • Delete, move, rotate and flip sprite.
  • Edit line color and the OR bit in multicolor mode (V9938).
  • Control the project sprites list (order, copy and delete).
  • Up to 255 sprites of 8x8 size and 64 sprites of 16x16 size, per project.
  • Edit the color palette (V9938). Allows reading or save the palette independently.
  • Code Generation Window. Provides assembly code, formatted SDCC assembler, C and Basic.
  • Load or Save Bitmap Window. Load/Save a bitmap PNG or a MSX Basic binary SC2.
  • Project info window. Editing project information: name, version, author, group and description.
  • Paint functions: Draw, Lines, Rectangles, Fill rectangles, Circles, Fill circles and Fill. Positive or negative (right mouse button). NEW (0.9.4b)
  • Undo and redo. 16 steps. NEW (0.9.4b)
  • Shortcuts keys. NEW (0.9.4b)

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