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Scilab/XCos generation

Scilab is an open source alternative to Matlab. XCos is the Scilab extension for modeling control systems. XCos is the open-source alternative for Simulink. XCos has not an open source alternative to Stateflow, so FSM can not be (currently) executed interactively in the model. Source code must be embedded into some XCos module in order to perform Model in the Loop.

When creating an XCos model of a system, the amount of inputs and outputs to create and the replication of these in all the subsystems that are using them is a very hard and uncomfortable way. Currently uCANca generates big part of this work, and soon (v0.2) will generate another big part of it (the automatic wiring).

As an useful XCos project is not complete after the uCANca export, we call “project skeleton”, not project, to the file uCANca is generating.

To get it, click on the link “XCos skeleton” in the project details page:

You will get a file that you can open with XCos. Here are some screenshots:







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See this page on wiki: Scilab/XCos project skeletons